TOP 6 best islands in Thailand you MUST VISIT!

Thailand is amazing country with around 1430 islands, which are touristic dreams of a lot people.  We traveled almost all around the main touristic Thai islands. Now sharing with you which ones we liked the most! Here is our list of TOP 6 best islands in Thailand.

6. Koh Phangan – The Party Island

Sixth place for us have island Koh Phangan on south east of Thailand. This place is amazing especially if you are backpacker and want to party.  If you want to chill on beautiful white sand beaches, you can still found that on Koh Phangan.

Haad Rin beach (one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve seen) it’s famous for it’s Full Moon and Half Moon parties. Here in day time you can chill on beautiful white sand beach with crystal clear water.  If you are coming for special moon events, in the night time you can enjoy parties with super cheap drinks and amazing atmosphere with fire shows and party games all around the beach. Just the beach party as you imagine!

If you are looking for something more than just party life, you can visit other amazing beaches like – Bottle beach which I would recommend especially for families, Malibu beach – which is very interesting because of unusual trees placed all around this beach, and for beautiful sunset you can visit Chaloklum bay, just opposite side of Haad Rin  beach.

Koh Phangan - Haad Rin beach

Koh Phangan – Haad Rin Beach


5. Koh Lanta – The Quiet Island

If you are looking for less touristic island , Koh Lanta is the right one for you! Of course almost everywhere you’ll find more and less touristic places but one beach I highly recommend here is Bamboo bay. It’s the least touristic and most beautiful beach from all the island, placed on the south. Right next to this one it’s amazing National park with beautiful views, beach and monkeys (stealing your food). Here you need to pay entrance fee 200thb – approx. 6$/ person. In this island you’ll find also one of my most favorite places from all around the world – Khlong Chak waterfall. It’s not such a big waterfall, but if you climb above the waterfall you’ll find very peaceful place surrounded by jungle with natural slide which is really lot’s of fun.

Koh Lanta – Bamboo beach

4. Koh Samui – The never bored island

Koh Samui is the island with plenty of things to do and I’m sure you will find at least one thing here you would love to see! Here you can find some of the greatest waterfalls, jungles and Buddhist temples that you can find from this list. If you are lover of waterfalls don’t forget to visit Na Muaeng waterfalls, which are totally amazing. Because of the largeness, they are separated to 2 sections. That’s why I recommend to take 1 full day for exploring it – if you’ll hike to the very top of the second waterfall you’ll find amazing view, which is more than worthy.

If you want to feel the right Thai Buddhist atmosphere go and visit Big Buddha temple and the temples around this area. Also one of the places I liked the most was Secret Buddha garden. You will find here mix of unusual Buddhist architecture surrounded by amazing nature and small waterfalls.

Koh Samui – Secret Buddha Garden

3. Koh Tao – Underwater Island

Third place has amazing Koh Tao island. especially because of it’s beautiful beaches and most beautiful underwater world I’ve seen in whole Thailand. Under this crystal clear water you can find everything from colorful corals ,beautiful fishes, to sharks (don’t worry, they won’t bite you, unless you will treat them bad – please don’t harm them, they are as peaceful as other fishes and still can be cute).  Best beach for snorkeling is Freedom beach on south of the island. When you will be here, don’t forget to visit also Koh Nang Yuan and take a photos on famous Insta spot on top of the mountain.

Koh Tao – Koh Nang Yuan Island

2. Similan island – The Perfect Beach Island

This place could be very possibly number 1 on our list, but sadly it’s the most touristic place I’ve seen in Thailand – yes, even more than Phi Phi islands. That’s why I recommend to visit it only out of main season and very early in the morning, due to the fact that it’s not possible to sleep over there, because they are not allowed to build any bigger constructions in this area, so you’ll not find any hotels there, apart from very few restaurants.  But we can be happy for it! Even though this place has so many tourists visiting everyday, it still looks very virgin and still you will see one of maybe most amazing beaches with amazing snorkeling in Thailand, or even in whole SE Asia.

Similan Island

1. Koh Kood – The Virgin Island

The winner from all those islands is Koh Kood, because here all of your Thai dreams will come true! Why? Due to the fact, that this is very less touristic island with small amount of very small villages (not really villages, actually just small shops, houses and hotels next to the road)  this place stays still very unspoiled. Because of this fact you’ll find here some of the most beautiful beaches from whole Thailand, amazing waterfalls and the best hotels with very relaxing vibe. If you are choosing beach to stay – it’s nothing I can recommend more than  Khlong Chao beach. This was truly the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen on my eyes. White sand, turquoise sea with crystal clear water, palm trees all around the beach – just the Thai dream.

But, beautiful beaches are not the only amazing thing you can do here. From Khlong Chao beach you have very easy access to Khlong Chao waterfall – which is totally amazing! You can go either by kayak through the river, which is connecting beach to waterfall, or you can go by walk or take a tuk tuk. After you arrive here, take a refreshing swim inside of this beautiful waterfall and if you want, this place is like made for meditation, as there is place behind the falling water. Another pros of this island is the fact, that season here is all year around, due to the location, so you can enjoy this island whenever you want to!


Koh Kood – Klong Chao Beach



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So those were our top 6 BEST ISLANDS  in Thailand you must visit, hope we helped you with deciding of which island you should choose. We wish you have a nice trip and let us know in the comments what do you think about those islands! Do you think we missed some? Or do you have some more questions? Write us and we will try to help you as good as we can! :)