How to save money for traveling?

Did you know that the scientists proof that buying things don’t make us happy, but experiences yes?

Today I will write my thoughts, about how to save money to travel and why everybody should travel.

So how to save money for traveling?

This is for me easiest way to save money :)
Point is that, if you are in the market or you want to buy something, ask yourself if you really need this thing, ask if you can exist without this thing, if it’s really so necessary to buy it.

After this questions you will realize how much money you waste. We are buying so much not important things. I don’t blame you, I do it too. We do it because everywhere you see – Sale sale, buy this, you will feel better and etc.. But only who profits on this is our ego and big companies.

So before you buy something think twice if you just “need” it or you really need it.

Why people should travel?


“World is a book. If you don’t travel you are reading just one page.”

This quote is absolutely true! How can you know something about world, if you don’t see/hear it by your own?
I don’t trust media. I don’t trust nobody. I trust only in my eyes and ears.
When I am only on one place, one country I feel like I’m in bubble. I want to explore whole world. The beauty of nature around the world is everywhere different so I want to see it.
If you don’t like stereotypical life lets go travel and explore the world.

There is so much things you will earn during traveling. For example new friends, experiences, stories, love or whatever.

Important thing is to understand we will never find happiness in materialistic things. You can find happiness only in yourself.


Spend your money on experiences. And don’t forget – TRAVEL IS ALWAYS GOOD IDEA

See you later, enjoy your life :) -Martin