Where to get license free (no copyright) music?

If you are creating any video content, I am 100% sure you will end up looking for some license free (no copyright) music.

Why you need license free music

It’s a must when you are creating videos for YouTube. I made few mistakes in the past. I made viral videos, that got few millions of views. For example my video from Thailand have today 5.8 million views, but I don’t have any revenue from that, cause I used licensed music. Instead of earning from that video 5k to 10k USD I can be happy that, this video is still online cause of the copyrights.

Best license free music platform for YouTube creators

Two years ago I found the best option where to get no copyright music for YouTube. Platform called Epidemic Sound.

It’s specially created for YouTubers. You have huge library of songs. Many filters to find the song that suits your video. I often use also option to find similar songs that I already found on their platform.

Other than that I really like options to filter songs by tempo/mood/place/genre or even movement.

If you will find some song that is great for your video, but don’t like drums, vocals and etc. you can download the song without that specific stems.

Other free options

If you cannot afford Epidemic Sound subscription starting around $15/month, you can use SoundCloud.

Write in the search option type of song you would like to find (example “deep house”) in results on the left side click “Tracks” press © and select “Use commercially”.


However I highly recommend to go with Epidemic Sound. I used SoundCloud before discovering Epidemic and it was frustrating. After hours of listening to tons of songs that were awful I really liked one, but in the I found out that it is not license free anyway.


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Let me know in comments if you are using some of these or other platforms to find license free music.

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