One day, we went with Diana to Košice on the one day trip. We decided to go to the next one day trip to Žilina by hitchhiking. Why hitchiking? Because we never tried it and we wanted to save money and make for us some adventure.

So we woke up, we checked on the google maps the best place to stand and hitchike. We choose main road near the gas filling station.

We stand there about 10 minutes, without any respond. We started to loosing hope, but then…

Turkish trucker stoped. For first we were scared, but he looks so polite and nice. He couldn’t speek english, but we were trying to show him where we want to get. He take us just to the next city few kilometers away, because he had to brought there some materials.

Turkish trucker, he took us from Košice to Prešov

After we went out from his truck, we were so happy. We were alive, yes…we were scared because of all the stupid thinks what media are talking about hitchiking. But we were also happy, that its possible to save money, meet new people and get home by adventure way.

So, let’s continue…

In Prešov we stopped one local boy. He told us, that this place where we are standing its not good idea, because nobody will take us. So he just wanted to help us to get more closer, near the main road. He told us stories about how many and funny hitchikers he took.

He brought us near the market and road to Poprad, Žilina and etc.. We stand there and tried to hitchike some truck or car. After 10 minutes we gave up, because we was hungry. So we went to the market to buy some bread with spread.

After short brake we went to try it again.

We went more far from the previous place. After +- 7 minutes trucker from Prešov stopped. We were so greatful. He went our way, but for first between our destination he must to load his truck with some cellulose material in Ružomberok. His name was Jozef, he was so funny and nice. We had a lot of fun with him. We took from him the facebook contact to stay in touch.


At 6 pm we finaly arrived in our goal destination – Žilina. It’s such a nice city! We wanted to stay there for the night and next day explore this nice city. So we went to found some place to sleep. Every hotel was expensive, we doesn’t want to spend for the night so much money. So we decided to go back home and sleep in our bed. Žilina is only few kilometres from our home. In the mall, we found information center for buses. Kindly woman found for us the bus right to our city. It was only one hour trip by bus.

We felt exhausted and tired after this day, but it was worthy. It was nice experience and adventure.

I recommend you to try hitchiking, if you didn’t try it till now. But one think you should know when you will do it – try to stay near the place, where some car can make a stop for you, because if you will stay totally out, it will be harder to stop someone. And if you are rider and you will see some day hitchikers please take them, don’t be scared so much, they are probably more scared then you ;)


I hope you enjoy our storie, if you like it please share it with friends, and stay tunned for more stories.

Stay happy and present, see ya :)