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It took me 4 years to edit videos on so high quality like I make these days. Why so long? I didn’t went to film school and never took some lessons. All I did was searching YouTube tutorials and trying to get something from there.

Don’t worry, I can get you to my level of editing in just 1.5 hour with this course! I put all my skills and knowledge into this course, so you don’t have to watch thousands of YouTube tutorials and spend months learning the same that you can learn in few hours.

This course is great for beginners and advanced as well. Beginners will learn how to do everything from A to Z. Advanced will step up their editing game.

Course content – 29 video lectures (1.5 hour)

Section 1 – Let’s start

  • Introduction PREVIEW
  • Starting new project PREVIEW
  • Workspaces PREVIEW
  • Importing videos
  • Settings
  • Sequence settings

Section 2 – Let’s edit

  • First steps
  • How to cut superfast
  • Storytelling and adjusting speed
  • Importance of emotions
  • Transitions without plugins
  • Luma fade transitions PREVIEW
  • Advanced seamless transitions
  • Importance of enviroment and motions
  • Give informations

Section 3 – Improving the video

  • Adjust the music
  • Noise reduction
  • Stabilize shaky video
  • Let’s color grade
  • Color grading step by step
  • Color grade how you want
  • Creating LUT/Preset
  • Adjusting LUTs/Presets
  • Titles
  • How to move videos on timeline
  • Default transitions

Section 4 – Finish it

  • Optimize for YouTube
  • High quality export
  • The end

What you’ll learn

  • -Project Settings
  • -Workspaces
  • -Shortcuts to edit super-fast
  • -Storytelling
  • -Transitions like a pro
  • -Speedramping/Timeremaping
  • -Importance of motion, emotion and enviroment
  • -Stabilizing shaky videos
  • -Color grading
  • -Sound design
  • -Titles
  • -Preparing video for YouTube
  • -Best quality export settings

What you will get?

  • -Lifetime access to the course and notifications on updates.
  • -Lifetime email support


“Following the course right now and I must say it’s great to step your editing game up!” – Tim Tense


We are giving you 100% money back guarantee within 30 days, since your pruchase. If you are not completely satisfied with the course, we will refund your purchase price.


  1. Tim Tense (verified owner)

    Following the course right now and I must say it’s great to step your editing game up!

  2. Tuck (verified owner)

    Great course for a great price! Looking forward to learning more and improving my editing.

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